EDB Exchange Recovery

The development team of Exchange Server Recovery Toolbox (download) offers a freeware version of its services so you can evaluate how it works without registering Exchange Server Recovery Toolbox. Keep in mind this program does not change the structure of processed files therefore you can start the processing regardless the quality of information, stored in EDB files, it will not be lost due to this application.

Open Exchange Server Recovery Toolbox and follow all guidelines of application, without changing the settings of data restoration engine, it is not possible because the application is not open source, GNU or GPL.

Exchange Recovery

Since the process of analysis is really easy and implies the execution of several steps only, you may do it without some kind of additional explanations, you should simply select an EDB file in the application for the restoration of Exchange files and click the Next button to continue.

As soon as you start the analysis of selected document in Exchange Server Recovery Toolbox, please be patient and wait until the processing of selected file is completed, the time of data analysis can be different according to the hardware in use. The software for the fixing of EDB files may recover data corruption threats without investigating the reason of damage, please simply execute the sequence of data restoration activities, start the analysis and wait for a while until the processing of corrupted documents is successfully completed and you can look through the data, restored by this application and find out if Exchange Server Recovery Toolbox may use this information for the rebuilding of clean Exchange files.

It is great if you can install this software on more powerful computers to improve the speed of analysis, but it is not needed if you are not working with this service or other resource consuming tools regularly, slower computers do not affect the efficiency of analysis.